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If you're ready to jump into Bitcoin, you've come to the right place. Buy Bitcoin Worldwide is the most comprehensive resource for finding Bitcoin exchanges and buying bitcoin.

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We don't sell bitcoin and are not an exchange. We just make it easy for you to find a Bitcoin exchange and buy bitcoin.

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We also have a sister website called Bitcoin Worldwide that is more focused on mining, wallets, and trading.

Who owns this site?

Buy Bitcoin Worldwide was founded by Jordan Tuwiner in June 2015. Jordan discovered Bitcoin in 2013 and has been helping others learn about Bitcoin since.

Jordan had helped friends buy bitcoins and realized all of them had the same basic questions:

  • what is Bitcoin?
  • how do I buy bitcoin?

He used to have to sit down with his friends and show them how to send a bank transfer to a Bitcoin exchange.

It was clear that people wanted to learn, but a high quality resource was missing. So, Jordan built something to help the rest of the world buy Bitcoin. Buy Bitcoin Worldwide was created!

You can visit Jordan's personal website or follow him on Twitter.