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How Much is Bitcoin Worth Today?

Bitcoin is currently worth RM as of the time you loaded this page.

Top Bitcoin Exchanges in Malaysia

Luno is one of the top Bitcoin exchanges that primarily serves Malaysia, along with South Africa, Singapore, Nigeria, and Indonesia.

Their users enjoy 0% fees for market makers, and 0-1% fees for market takers, depending on the fiat currency they're using.

Luno also has high to infinite exchange limits, dependent on your level of verification.

Coinmama, an exchange based in Israel, is another popular option for residents of Malaysia. One of the world's leading crypto exchanges, they're a trusted exchange, well-known for their reliability and high credit card buying limits.

However, Coinmama also has some of the highest fees among credit/debit card brokers, so if you choose to buy Bitcoin on their exchange, it's best to use a SEPA transfer instead.

How to Buy Bitcoin in Malaysia

Luno conducted a survey recently revealing Malaysia is among the top nations in terms of Bitcoin interest - 55% of the participants had heard of Bitcoin before, and nearly 40% had owned Bitcoin before.

Buying Bitcoin in Malaysia is easy thanks to the government's friendly attitude towards blockchain.

Malaysian Bitcoin Regulation

The Malaysian government recognizes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as securities, and are regulated by the Malaysian Securities Commission.

Malaysia's government stated the move was an effort to boost the adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Since exchanges must prove they have adequate security, the Malaysians are more likely to trust Bitcoin exchanges than in an unregulated environment.

Mining Bitcoin in Malaysia

Mining Bitcoin in Malaysia is far more profitable than most countries thanks to their low electricity cost of around 0.244 MYR ($0.05).

That's cheaper than electricity in China, where the majority of large-scale mining farms reside. A large mining operation with the best mining hardware may be able to turn a profit there, albeit pretty small.

Generally speaking, mining is reserved for large companies with lots of resources. It's next to impossible to turn a profit as an individual in 2020. Gone are the days of Bitcoin mining's golden age. You can calculate your predicted mining profitability with our calculator tool.

Malysia has had some trouble with miners stealing electricity. Back in August of 2019, Coin Telegraph reported miners were tampering with electricity distribution boards, stealing more than $25.3 million.

How Much is Bitcoin Worth in Gold

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