How to Send Money from the USA to Canada

If you’re a company or an individual looking for the best way to send funds to Canada from the United States, this guide will help you choose the cheapest and fastest way to transfer money online. With the competition in the money transfer business getting larger and more competitive, it can be time-consuming to do all the research and compare the best foreign exchange rates.


While all money transfer companies basically do the same job, they differ in some criteria. People need to pay attention to small details such as fees, service convenience, exchange rate, as well as the time it takes to get the funds in the hands of the recipient.
Some of the ways you can transfer money to Canada from the US are: (read our review) is a well-trusted and seasoned name in foreign exchange. It is a good option for users who don’t need the transfer to be as fast as possible. The company doesn’t charge fixed fees. They also do not have any minimum transfer amounts. includes features such as:

Transfers done over are free, but you have to mind the hidden charges that local banks might add to the total transaction cost. adds a margin on the market exchange rate, but only slightly. The transfer usually takes 1 to 4 business days.

Transferring money using is done by first setting up an account via their website. After adding the size of the transfer as well as the currency, you will pay the amount which will be transferred to the recipient’s bank account.


TransferWise is a money transfer company founded by the people that created Skype. This company often says for itself that it is a cheaper way to send funds abroad. TransferWise promises to give you the mid-market rate, better known as “real exchange rate.” This company is great for online users who want to send no more than $40,000.

TransferWise features include:

This company charges a transfer fee that depends on the size of the transfer. It charges:

On top of the percentage fees, TransferWise charges a flat fee of US$1.12. When it comes to additional fees, Bank debit (ACH) transfer is the cheapest, followed by bank wire transfer, and then followed by debit and credit card transfers.

Transferring the money from the US to Canada will take up to 1 business day.

Using TransferWise to transfer money to Canada is as easy as creating an online account and logging in, tapping in how much funds you’d like to be sent and where to, and then entering the recipient’s details. After that, all you are left to do is to make a local US payment to TransferWise, which can be done using a bank account, SWIFT, or your debit/credit card.


OFX is one of the oldest companies in the money transfer industry. They have a great track record for security, which is a great thing. This company is a good option for online users who want to send over $10,000 to Canada from the US.

OFX features include:

This company charges a transfer fee that depends on the size of the transfer. It charges:

OFX adds a margin to the exchange rate when converting US dollars into Canadian dollars. It has a minimum transfer amount of US$150 for a single transfer and US$250 for recurring transfers. Transferring money via OFX takes up to 1 business day.

The company offers a currency exchange calculator, which shows the interbank rate. This rate is not the rate they will use for exchanging USD to CAD. This is the rate before OFX applies the margin.

Using OFX to transfer money to Canada is as easy as creating a free online account and logging in to get a live (not interbank) quote for your transfer, then entering the recipient’s details and finalizing the transaction by sending the money using a bank transfer (business users can also use a direct debit transfer).


WorldRemit is a company that specializes in remittances as well as smaller transfers. They’re the go-to company for personal money transfer that range of up to US$10,000 to Canada. WorldRemit’s rates are usually better than what local banks would offer.

WorldRemit offers features such as:

This company charges a transfer fee based on the size of the transfer. After signing up, WorldRemit will show you their fee for the amount you put in before the transfer. WorldRemit adds a margin to the regular exchange rate. The maximum amount you can transfer with this company is US$10,000. The time it takes to transfer funds will depend on the delivery choice you pick. Wire transfers will take 0-2 business days. Cash delivery, on the other hand, can be ready instantly as long as you have a valid photo ID as well as the transaction reference number.

Using WorldRemit to transfer money to Canada is as easy as creating an account and logging in, which will lead you to the transfer section. After inputting how much funds you want to send, what kind of transfer it is (cash pickup, bank deposit, mobile money transfer or airtime top-up), and writing down the recipient details, all you need to do is make a deposit via a bank transfer or your debit/credit card.


Xoom excels at the convenience it provides with its money transfers. However, it is quite costly when compared to other money transfer companies.

Xoom offers features such as:

Xoom charges a transfer fee depending on the amount as well as on the transfer type. As an example, bank transfers may cost US$4.99 for transfer under US$1,000, but they are free above US$1,000. The company also adds a margin on the exchange rate. The margin they add is hovering around 2%. Xoom has a limit to how much money you can transfer. You can send up to $3,000 with sender profile info every 24 hours or $10,000 with social security or passport number within 24 hours. The transfers will take between 1 and 2 business days.

Transferring money by using Xoom starts, as with all other companies listed here, by signing up and creating an account. That can be done either online or via the Xoom application. After that, you will have to fill in the fields of how much you want to send and where to. You will also need to fill in the recipient’s information fields, as well as how you’d like to pay. The recipient will receive their money in their bank account or as cash, which they can pick up at their nearest location.


No matter which option you choose, do your own research on the money transfer options. If you have any questions, make sure to contact the customer support, which each of these companies provide.