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Best Monero Wallets

Monero has become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies due to its excellent privacy. Its website describes it as “secure, private, untraceable currency.”

Let’s take a look at some wallets for XMR.

Ledger Nano S

monero hardware wallet

The Ledger Nano S was the first hardware wallet to support Monero. You can use a Ledger Nano S with your desktop computer or Android device.

The Nano S is an offline device, so your XMR is never stored on an online computer.

Ledger Nano X

ledger nano x

The Ledger Nano X isn’t out yet, but it will be the first hardware wallet to support Monero for use with iOS devices.

The Nano X connects to iOS devices via bluetooth, giving you the convenience of a normal mobile wallet with the security of a hardware wallet.

Monerujo - Monero Android Wallet

Monerujo gives you control over your own private key by storing it locally on your Android device.

How to use the Monerujo wallet

When you first start the app you’ll find yourself in front of a man with a monero jacket.

monerujo screen 1

After clicking on the plus button you’ll be able to chose if you prefer to restore a wallet from private keys, from the recovery phrase or create a new wallet. We’ll go over how you create a new one.

After choosing a name for the wallet, decide if you want to be able to unlock the app with your fingerprint (if your phone has a fingerprint sensor). You’ll also need to set a password you’ll see something that looks a lot like this:

monerujo recovery phrase

You need to write down all of this in order to be sure that you’ll be able to recover your funds if your phone breaks or you lose it. But you also need to store it somewhere safe because whoever has access to these words can restore the wallet.

After you’re done writing down the recovery phrase and all the other important data, click on “I have noted these 25 words”. You will need to wait for the wallet to sync with the blockchain. When the synchronization is over you’ll be finally able to start receiving and sending funds.

Monerujo Wallet Interface

In the upper portion of the screen you see the wallet name. Just under it you see the address and right below you’ll see the balance. On the bottom right corner there is a button which lets you receive funds while on the bottom right there is a button to send coins.

monerujo wallet screen

Receiving funds with Monerujo

Below you can see the interface that lets you receive funds. It contains a handy QR code that lets you receive funds. You can also set the requested amount so the person scanning the QRcode won’t need to enter it.

receive monerujo

Sending funds with Monerujo

Sending funds with Monerujo is pretty easy. First, press the “Give” button on the main wallet user interface and you’ll be greeted by a minimal user interface. There is an option to scan the QR code of the receivers address or to set a transaction ID. There is obviously also an option to paste address or manually type the receiver’s address. After that you need to enter the desired amount which you can do both in XMR or US dollars.

send monerujo

When you have set all of that you are given the opportunity to review all the transaction data and make sure everything is right. That’s pretty important because once you sent your XMR there is no going back.

monero confirm transaction

If everything worked the next thing you’ll see after confirming the transaction is a big “Success!” word which takes a big portion of your screen and all the additional transaction data. Congratulation, you have spent your Monero!

Monero Web Wallet

MyMonero is the only web wallet for Monero. It is operated and owned by Riccardo Spagni, who is one of the lead Monero developers.

The wallet works like any account. You create an account and can login online to access your funds. MyMonero only encrypts your keys and stores the data on its servers. It cannot access your funds.

Monero Desktop Wallet

The best and only Monero desktop wallet is the official client which is a full node.

It can be downloaded from the official Monero website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do any Monero wallets support XRP?

You can check this page for Ripple wallets.

Why are the wallet options for Monero so limited?

To be honest, we are not sure why. Monero is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market, currently the 10th biggest coin by market cap.

We expect these hardware wallets to support Monero soon. We also expect more Android and iOS wallets for Monero to be released soon since Monero is rapidly gaining popularity, along with other privacy focused coins like Zcash.

So, what should I do for secure storage if there are no hardware wallets?

You can use moneroaddress.org to make a secure paper wallet. But, this should only be used by people who know what they are doing. It is very easy to mess up using this method.