Mobile Apps

One of the best ways to use Bitcoin is through your smartphone. Let’s face it, Bitcoin works a lot better if you can take it with you and use it in person just as easily as if you were sitting on your computer at home. Well, you’re in luck. Thanks to some awesome developers and these cool apps they have created, not only is it do-able, it may very well be the easiest way to use your Bitcoins.


Bitcoin Wallet


Bitcoin Wallet is my personal favorite. It is simple, straightforward, very capable, and dependable. You can email addresses, type in manually, accept and show qr codes, or even swap addresses over NFC (near-field communication). It doesn’t take time or spae to download the entire blockchain making it very light, but it does hold your private keys locally so you do not have to trust a 3rd party. Thoe only downside to this is if you don’t have your keys backed up (which you always should) your bitcoins will be lost if you lose your device.

Google Play: Bitcoin Wallet



Coinbase is the youngest application in the group that I know of, but also the most capable. This application will function as a mobile wallet with all the basic features of the others, but also gives you the ability to buy and sell bitcoins immediately if you have a bank account linked to your coinbase account. This is the simplest way to purchase a Bitcoin that I know of. The UI is clean and the app is regularly updated and fully maintained.

Google Play: Coinbase



Blockchain is similar to Bitcoin Wallet in that it has all your general ways of sending and receiving Bitcoin aside from NFC support. What is unique about Blockchain is it’s ability to “pair” the mobile app to your Blockchain web-wallet. This makes Blockchain extremely convenient to use if you don’t mind having your Bitcoin private keys stored on their server.

Google Play: Blockchain