This article details how to use a previously initialized Ledger Nano with Mycelium. Your Nano must be setup before use with Mycelium.

First, make sure you have the latest version of Mycelium installed on your Android device. Open Mycelium and select “new account”. If you already have Mycelium installed then skip this step.

New Mycelium account

Swipe right to move over to the “Accounts” tab. Click the key on the top right to add a new account.

mycelium accounts

Click “Advanced”.

mycelium advanced accounts

Under “Import a Ledger-HD account” tap “Ledger”.

import ledger hd

Plug in an OTG cable to your Android device and plug in your Nano to the OTG cable.

plugin ledger nano mycelium

Enter your Ledger Nano pin code.

nano pin code

Mycelium will scan for accounts on your Nano.

scan accounts

In this case there were no used accounts. If the Nano had accounts, you would simply select the account you want to add Mycelium. In this case we wil create a new account by selecting “Import next unused account”.

accounts mycelium nano

Tap “OK”.

ok mycelium

Name your Ledger Nano account on Mycelium.

name nano mycelium

You can now send payments from your Ledger Nano with Mycelium.

Even if the Nano is removed after use, the wallet and its addresses will still be viewable in watch-only mode. This way you can still view your balance, generate new addresses, and receive payments.