SD Bullion Review

What is SD Bullion?

sd bullion review

Bullion is commonly used to refer to gold, silver, or other high-value metals of high purity in the form of ingots, bars, or coins. They are often used as emergency reserves by banks, governments, and even private citizens due to their perceived ability to maintain their worth better than other forms of currency. There are two types of bullion, parted bullion, which contains a pure metal and unparted bullion, which has more than one metal1.

One can buy or sell bullion from dealers on various global markets. Examples of bullion dealers include APMEX, JM Bullion, state mints such as in Canada, Singapore, Austria, and Hungary, as well as the focus of this article, SD Bullion.

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SD Bullion History

SD Bullion is a product of two doctors and a dream of teaching the public on the value of hard assets. SD Bullion is a child of, founded in March 2011, raking up 5,800 views in its first month and skyrocketing to a whopping 750,000 views a month by the following year. The site quickly became a meeting point to discuss the precious metal market. It attracted highly-reputable silver analysts and investors such as Eric Sprott and Jim Willie. In the bid to help others further by making investments in precious metals easier, the duo formed SD Bullion.

The company was started in March 2012 as a platform to enable the readers of to buy bullion at the lowest cost possible. Since their modest beginnings of sales on a telephone to its current website, SD Bullion has continued growing and shaping its niche in the Bullion market. An online purchasing method was added to the telephone later that year, and a website to trade bullion opened two years later. The company additionally sells ammunition, also known as Lead Bullion.

SD Bullion Shipping Rates

For all orders above $99, the shipping and insurance are done by SD Bullion for free. The orders below the amount will have an additional $7.77 for shipping and insurance. Free shipping is only done within the US, however, and only applies to the methods of payment eligible for a cash discount. The cargo is insured through UPS, USPS, and FedEx.

For international shipping, a special quote will be available during checkout. The quote will be based on the value of the bullion and the location of the buyer. Not all products are available for international shipping, however.

SD Bullion Payment Methods

According to their site, SD Bullion has a wide variety of payment methods for different values of payments. They include:

Bank wire:

This is the only method to pay for orders over $20,000. The payment takes between 1-2 business days to be processed and should be received within 3 days of placing the order. This is the method most preferred by SD Bullion, especially for large orders.


Accepted for orders of up to $5,000. The funds usually take up to 1 day to process.

Debit/ Credit cards

Accepted for orders of up to $5,000. The eligible cards include Visa, Mastercard, and Visa, for which the payment takes up to 2 business days to be processed.


Bitcoin is valid for orders of up to $250,000 with only 15 minutes to complete the order. The payment takes up to 24 hours to process.

Personal and cashiers checks:

Both personal and business checks are eligible for payments of up to $20,000. The checks need to be postmarked within 72 hours and have to be received within a 7-day window. The payment takes up to 5 days to process.

Postal money order:

Suitable for orders of below $10,000. Like the personal and cashiers checks, they need to be postmarked within 3 days and should arrive before 7 days. They take 3-5 business days to process.

Electronic checks

Approved for orders of up to $10,000. Funds are processed within 5 days of deposit.

Some of the payment methods not accepted by SD Bullion include American Express, Credit card checks, personal starter checks, and Mastercard gift cards. The order may be subject to penalties if the payment is received late or if it is canceled. The penalty is subjecting the order to market loss, a 3%-5% fee to cancel, and other expenses that SD Bullion may incur.

Does SD Bullion Sell Gold and Silver Eagles?

SD Bullion sells the American Silver Eagle, the official silver bullion coin of the country, as well as the American Gold Eagle, also an official US gold bullion coin. Both are minted by the US Mint.

APMEX vs. SD Bullion

APMEX prides itself on its fantastic shopping experience provided to its global customer base. Thanks to its unique system of customizing the prices to cater to customers in different regions of the world, the service has built a reputable name in the industry for itself. With customers all over the US, Canada, the UK, and the majority of Europe, APMEX has quite a following as well.

APMEX also provides lots of content in the form of news, advice articles, and blogs to offer help whenever it is needed. They also have excellent customer service, which is a huge plus for investors, no matter their location.

SD Bullion has a vast collection of highly-valued bullion on its site, ranging from gold, silver, and platinum to diverse coins and bars. Their high value should not be deceiving- SD Bullion has one of the lowest rates in the market, even offering to match the price of any bullion merchant that has a lower price than theirs.

SD Bullion vs. JM Bullion

Starting out in 2011, JM Bullion made its entrance into the market courtesy of two entrepreneurs, Jonathan and Michael. The duo, who are very passionate about bullion, set into the already busy bullion market but did so with a difference.

They set themselves up for success by elevating the user experience to a higher level by providing a wide variety of payment methods and dedicated customer support systems. They also have the Automatic Investment Program, an investor-friendly initiative that sets it apart from the rest.

Besides their impressive bullion collection, SD Bullion is an excellent resource for those seeking to invest in the Bullion industry. Thanks to its parent company, Silver Doctors, the site has plenty of informational content that is useful to investors of all types.

Can You Sell Bullion to SD Bullion?

SD Bullion has an option to sell gold, silver, and other precious metals to them, available as a three-step process. After locking in the price, the seller receives a purchase order with the necessary details, such as shipping address. Once the product is received, the bullion is inspected for authenticity, after which a payment is made within 3 days.

Are there Any SD Bullion Coupons Available?

From time to time, SD Bullion releases offers, deals, and exclusive coupons to its users globally. One of the most popular coupons is a special one-time code for first-time purchases on the site unlocked by subscribing to their email. Other available coupons include free shipping codes, 10% up to 40% off certain products, and various other deals available on their website.

Does SD Bullion Have a Wiki?

SD Bullion does not have an active Wiki page. However, it has a YouTube channel by the same name as well as a blog section on their website, The content on these sites includes information about the company, general questions, and answers on Bullion products, how to invest in both gold and silver, and updates on the Bullion market. SD Bullion additionally has a Twitter account and a Facebook page as well.

Rating: 4.7

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