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Tyler Gallagher, a young entrepreneur and investor, founded Regal Assets. The company started its operations with a small investment and a big vision. The vision: To simplify, innovate and rejuvenate the alternative assets investment landscape.

Ten years after its inception, Regal Assets became the highest rated alternative assets firm in the country, with recognition from the likes of Forbes, Smart Money, the Huffington Post and many others. Also, the company ranks #20 in the financial services category in the US by the INC 500. As a result, Regal Assets was featured on the Reuters Sign in Times Square to congratulate them on their victory.

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Regal Assets’ growth exploded because they put the client first. In fact, Regal Assets is the only company in the industry that boasts zero complaints on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), The Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) and TrustLink. Likewise, their A+ rating with the BBB and their 5 star out of 5 star customer satisfaction rating with TrustLink demonstrates this. To achieve such an outstanding reputation, they adopt a non-pushy approach to precious metal investments. They also take the time to educate each client before any transaction takes place.

Regal Assets is now an industry leader in the alternative assets market and has had a lot of celebrity endorsements to include Dennis Miller, Laura Ingraham and Larson giving Regal Assets worldwide market recognition.

From buying and selling gold bullion to giving advice on setting up a long-term tax deferred retirement plan, commonly called a Gold IRA, you can trust that Regal Assets always has the right investment for you.

Regal Assets’ Mission

To be every investor’s one-stop shop for precious metal and cryptocurrency investing. However, the company also specializes in helping individual investors add metals and cryptos to their investment portfolios and retirement accounts. Since its foundation, the company has helped thousands of Americans transfer an existing IRA, SEP, 401(k), 403(b) and TSP plans into precious metals and cryptos.

Also, this bullion dealer provides a wide selection of products for investors interested in purchasing outside their retirement or investment accounts.


If you feel uneasy about storing bullion at home, they offer segregated vault storage. Their storage program includes a private, fully insured third-party custodian for the safest option for gold and silver bullion storage. Segregated vaulting means your precious metals are held as individual coins or bars in clearly marked and separated space. In other words, the original metals that you purchase are the exact same ones returned upon physical delivery.

For IRA investments, they offer storage in North American and Singapore. If you purchase bullion outside of a retirement account, they have over 100 vaults around the world, including popular locations like Salt Lake City, USA; Toronto, Canada; Singapore; Dubai and Hong Kong. Through their partner Brink’s, you can choose to store your metals virtually anywhere in the world. Brink’s is the world leader in maximum security storage. You can even split your bullion across multiple vaults in different jurisdictions. This puts you in full control of where your metals are located at all times.

IRA Investments

Regal Assets offers alternative asset IRA investments including precious metals and cryptocurrencies. In fact, the “Regal IRA” is the world’s IRA to offer hard assets like gold and silver, as well as digital assets (cryptocurrencies).

Rating: 4.5

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