BGASC Review

BGASC stands as one of the largest coin and bullion dealers in the United States. The abbreviation of their name stands for “Buy Gold & Silver Coins.”

There is a wide selection of both gold and silver products for investors of all experience levels. It’s easy to track the price of gold through BGASC as there is a direct link on their main menu to live gold price charts. The charts are interactive and track the following:

  • Gold
  • Silver 
  • Platinum 

Users of BGASC’s live pricing charts can track current precious metal prices, or evaluate the history of bullion prices going back to 1988.

BGASC History & Reputation

Established in the year 2012, BGASC was formed to supply investors with a wide selection of products to choose from through honest business practices.

Prices are competitive on BGASC’s website as many products are above current gold spot prices. Prices adjust automatically throughout the day to fit the changing price of gold.

If you’re looking for additional confirmation that BGASC has a quality reputation, visit their Website Page that features first-hand reviews from customers. There are over four thousand customer reviews that boil down to BGASC, receiving an average five-star rating from customers. 

The customer reviews are filtered through Trustpilot, who marks 85% of the reports in the “excellent” category.

BGASC Compared

Broker Payment Methods
Countries Buy Credit Card, ACH, Bitcoin, Check Globally Visit
SD Bullion Credit Card, ACH, Bitcoin, Check Australia, Most of Europe, Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwain, United Kingdom Visit

BGASC Shipping Rates 

No matter the order size, BGASC is there to help you invest in precious metals. All packages shipped from BGASC are sent entirely privately insured for the time of transit. If you’re about to place a large order and aren’t sure who to trust, BGASC is nationally recognized for fulfilling large orders.

Orders are estimated to ship the following day after payment for BGASC products has been cleared. Shipping days are Monday-Friday for addresses located within the United States.

Unless payment is made by bank wire, BSAC doesn’t ship to the following:

  • Maildrop locations 
  • Freight forwarders 
  • 3rd party private postal boxes such as the UPS store, mailboxes 

Orders over $5,000 receive free shipping. Minnesota is the only state that BGASC doesn’t ship to.

BGASC Payment Methods 

Customers have multiple payment options when looking to buy through BGASC.

Payment options for purchasing products include the following:

  • Credit & debit cards 
  • PayPal 
  • Paper check 
  • Bank wire transfer 

The following card companies are accepted when purchasing items through BGASC:

  • Visa 
  • MasterCard 
  • Discover 
  • American Express 

Companies that sell precious metals online are no strangers to fraud. To help protect themselves against fraudulent attempts, BGASC only accepts credit, debit, and PayPal orders up to $10,000 online as well as credit and debit orders up to $10,000 by phone.

Some instances may require BSAC customers to pay for orders over $5,000 with a paper check or bank wire transfers until credibility with the customer is established through solid payment history.

Does BGASC Sell Gold & Silver Eagles? 

Yes! Most reputable online precious metal companies should have American Gold and Silver Eagles, and BGASC is no different. American Gold and Silver Eagles are two of the most popular investment coins.

BSAC’s Gold and Silver Eagles come from the U.S. Mint.

American Gold Eagles on BGASC are sold in the following sizes:

  • One ounce 
  • Half ounce 
  • Quarter ounce
  • A tenth of an ounce 

Sizes for American Silver Eagles are restricted to one-ounce coins. Purchasing one-ounce Gold or Silver Eagles are generally the best investment strategy as one-ounce Eagles are the easiest to sell or trade due to a high level of demand. 

BGASC vs. Money Metals 

Similar to BGASC, Money Metals is a company that prides itself on providing customers with low prices, prompt delivery, and transparent business practices.

While both companies offer live support for customers, Money Metals has a slight edge over BGASC when it comes to keeping customers informed.

Money Metals has a weekly podcast where one of the company’s co-managers has expert guests on the program to discuss news and updates regarding precious metals.

The news and resources section of Money Metals is further enhanced by an education center, an insider page, and infographics.

While both sites are comparable in terms of providing customers with an excellent product selection that’s paired with exceptional service, beginning investors might have an easier time using Money Metals. On the Money Metals website, auditory, visual, and reading resources are all available for people with different learning styles.

BGASC vs. JMBullion 

JM Bullion emphasizes tangible ownership of precious metal assets as opposed to merely owning on paper. Prices are a huge part of choosing the right bullion to invest in.

With corporate headquarters in Dallas, JM Bullion has established themselves as the price leaders in their industry. Fast shipping rates and award-winning customer service doesn’t hurt their reputation either.

One great thing about JM Bullion’s main display menu is that they have separate links for new arrivals and products on sale. While BGASC advertises products that are on sale, you have to dig a bit deeper to find the section on their website.  


Out of all the precious metal websites, APMEX has the cleanest main page, in our opinion. There isn’t a lot of text on APMEX’s main page, which allows the company to showcase images of top coins in an organized and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Some of APMEX’s accomplishments include:

  • Being in business for over 15 years—est. 1999
  • McAfee secure
  • Top internet retailer out of 500 companies in 2017
  • Better Business Bureau accredited business  
  • Norton approved
  • 4.9 Google seller rating 

While BGASC gives you pretty much everything you need from the get-go on their main page, the more minimal front page of APMEX could lead to new investors being less overwhelmed upon initially visiting the site.

Can You Sell Bullion to BGASC?

Selling bullion to BGASC is a straightforward process that occurs over four steps:

  • Take notes of your inventory and make sure you meet the minimum requirements to sell your type of bullion 
  • Call BGASC and lock in your sale price 
  • Ship your items over to BGASC along with the necessary paperwork 
  • Get paid!

Rating: 4