BitQuick is a Bitcoin exchange that lets customers buy bitcoins with cash via cash deposit.

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  • Fast way to purchase bitcoins with cash
  • Cons
  • Markup on Bitcoin price can by high at times
  • Buy Bitcoin at BitQuick

    Payment Methods Accepted

    Buyers using BitQuick can use just one payment method to purchase bitcoins: cash deposit. This means you will go to the bank of a Bitcoin seller and make a cash deposit into their account. Once they see the deposit in their account they release the bitcoins to you on BitQuick.

    Supported Countries

    BitQuick operates in 49 US states. New York is the only state not supported because BitQuick stopped service in New York due to the BitLicense.


    BitQuick is not as private as other cash methods like Wall of Coins or LocalBitcoins. BitQuick requires ID verification for purchases of bitcoin.

    Limits & Liquidity

    BitQuick lets buyers and sellers agree on trades and enforces no limits.

    BitQuick’s buy and sell offers are publically available. You can check the orderbook at anytime. There are usually many offers for different sized purchases and at many different bank branches.


    BitQuick’s goal is to deliver bitcoins to buyers fast. In most cases you can receive your bitcoins within one hour of payment.


    BitQuick has established itself as a trusted Bitcoin exchange although it was hacked in March 2016. The fact that BitQuick shut down until it fully understood the cause of the hack shows that it does care about the security of its customers’ personal information and funds.

    No customer funds were lost in the hack.


    Buyers fees are 2% for cash deposit purchases. This is somewhat high for cash purchases of bitcoin, but the speed and reliability of BitQuick makes this fee worth paying for some.

    If you plan on selling bitcoins, BitQuick is a great platform. You can often sell your coins for higher than market rate, and on top of that BitQuick does not charge sellers any fees.

    Customer Support

    BitQuick is fast to reply to support via email, Twitter, and Facebook.