How to Buy Silver

Why Buy Silver?

Investment analysts are recommending that people invest in silver to more adequately balance their investment portfolio.

The reasons? Let’s dive in.

Silver Is Money

Silver is real money and doesn’t depreciate like other forms of money, such as paper currency.

Stocks and bonds are investments that carry counterparty risks, while silver as an investment does not.

What this means is through investing in stocks and bonds, you need to rely on a separate party to make good on a contract. Silver allows you to cut out the middleman for a more straightforward investment.

If you’re looking for long-term use in the form of money, silver is a reliable option. Statistically, silver has been used for coinage more than gold has.

Silver Is a Hard Asset

Hard assets are valuables that you can hold in your hand. In a world that features the growing popularity of cryptocurrency in addition to other digital forms of investing, silver is one of the few assets you can hold in your pocket and even use in another country.

The prevalence of digital investing carries inherent risks, such as hacking. Unlike digital assets, you won’t have to worry about your silver assets being compromised through cyber attacks.

Silver Is Easy to Sell

Since silver is less expensive than gold, it’s easier to sell off if you need some money. Gold tends to come in higher denominations than silver, which additionally makes silver easier to sell.

Similar to gold, silver bullion can be sold across the world.

Silver Outperforms Gold in Rising Markets

During rising or “bull” markets, the small nature of the silver industry allows the prices of gold to increase at a faster rate than gold when additional money enters the market.

Government Silver Inventories Are Low

In today’s age, most governments don’t hold stockpiles of silver. The only countries that feature silver inventories are:

Since 1996, government silver inventories have fallen 73%, mostly because coins are no longer manufactured from the metal. If industrial demand for silver will increase in the future, governments will be less-equipped to meet these demands, which could drive up silver’s value.

Statistics show that the industrial use of silver is growing. Many everyday products, such as electronics, use silver.

Everyday products use silver so frequently due to its:

Modern industries consume more than half of the silver demand. Other industrial silver applications include:

With the industrial use of silver remaining stable, we can infer that the demand for silver will stay consistent and increase.

The Gold/Silver Ratio Leans Toward Silver

The gold/silver ratio comes through dividing the price of gold by the price of silver. This ratio can give hints toward the right time to invest in silver. Accessing historical gold/silver ratio charts can reflect how strongly silver can outperform its gold counterpart.

Questions to Ask Before Buying Silver

Investors in precious metals such as silver tend to focus prices and premiums with silver spot price—but this is only one part of the equation when it comes to investing in silver.

Let’s explore some questions you should ask yourself before buying and investing in silver :

Which Method of Investing in Silver Should I Pursue?

You can invest in silver through:

The advantage of buying physical silver lies in the fact that unlike ETFs, you own the asset. Through an ETF, you don’t own the metal, and you have zero claims on the metal within the fund. ETF’s result in not being able to receive delivery on your investment if the need arises.

Instead of relying on a financial institution to make good on your investment through an ETF, it’s recommended that investors lean toward buying physical gold as an investment.

What Silver Coins Are Best to Buy?

North American investors tend to lean toward purchasing Silver American Eagle and Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins due to their prevalence in the market. Many European investors lean toward Eagle coin investment, as well.

It’s recommended that prospective investors stay away from investing in sovereign coins from smaller, less well-known nations

Different Ways to Buy Silver

When looking to buy silver, most investors either make their purchase online or in-person at a local coin shop. Purchasing silver online is the recommended course of action when looking to invest in silver.

While visiting a local coin shop and making a purchase may take less time than ordering online and waiting for your silver to be shipped, purchasing Silver online has many upsides that investors would be smart to utilize.

Online silver dealers tend to have a much more extensive catalog of inventory to choose from. In addition to more browsing options, you don’t have to be at the mercy of a local shop’s hours of operation. Simply log on to your computer and start browsing at any time.

Local precious metal shops tend to charge higher premiums on products in comparison to online dealers due to the small nature of their business. Overhead cost is a factor that drives up prices locally.


GoldSilver offers silver in the form of coins or bars with various denominations to choose from. Options in silver coins on GoldSilver include:

While one-ounce coins tend to be the most common denominations of silver coins purchased, smaller denominations for silver coins exist on gold silver such as:

These smaller denominations are great for people looking to spend less while still investing!

Silver bar denominations on GoldSilver include:

Marked with the heading “our choice,” GoldSilver helps narrow the search for potential silver investors by recommending certain denominations or silver bars to invest.

SD Bullion should be applauded for its extensive silver catalog. Upon hovering your cursor over their silver section in the website’s main menu, the following main categories are presented:

Within each of these main categories are several subcategories that help direct potential silver investors toward their desired purchase.

Subcategories for silver coins include:

The subcategories for silver bars and rounds present browsers with denominations, while the “other silver” category on SD Bullion includes more niche silver products such as:

Money Metals

Money Metals offers up all the hot selling silver options in conjunction with some bargain opportunities. Silver coins available through Money Metals include:

Silver bars on Money Metals are available in the following denominations:

Those looking to save the most amount of money while investing in silver should check out Money Metals’ bargain bin.

Silver coins from other countries that add to Money Metals’ inventory include:

Each of the countries listed above has subcategories with different coin types within their nation.

Silver coins are manufactured by government agencies, while silver rounds are made by private firms. The value of silver rounds is similar to silver bars. Check out Money Metals’ silver rounds page to learn more about this form of silver.


Trustpilot is a business review service that helps readers trust the site they are gaining information. With over one thousand reviews through Trustpilot, Bullion Vault has garnered a 4.5-star rating with compliments for being both secure and straightforward.

Bullion Vault’s website layout differs from many of the other online bullion companies listed in this article. Keep in mind that Bullion Vault only delivers coins to UK residential addresses.

Aiming to grant private investors access to professional bullion markets around the world, working through Bullion Vault will help you find the lowest costs when buying, selling, and storing silver.

When visiting Bullion Vault’s website, a guide on how to buy silver online is made readily available to readers.


BGASC has an excellent five-star Trustpilot rating through over four thousand reviews. A unique silver buying option that BGASC offers visitors to its website is the Silver Card.

The Silver Card from BGASC is a thin, one-ounce piece of .999 fine silver that can be easily stored in areas such as a wallet. You can buy BGASC silver cards in the following quantities:

All the classic silver coins, such as American Silver Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs, are available on BGASC. You can shop by either brand or weight for silver bars or look for more niche silver products such as:


GoldBroker offers silver bars and coins that are produced by recognized refiners certified by the London Bullion Market Association. These refiners include:

Bars never leave the professional chain after production. Your investments through GoldBroker will maintain their maximum value through the authenticity guarantee in addition to the 99.5% or more purity.

After initially entering the silver section on GoldBroker’s website, visitors will be greeted with a live precious spot metals pricing chart to aid their search in an investment.

Bars and coins are available on GoldBroker’s silver inventory page with coin types being:

JM Bullion

Simply hovering your mouse over the silver section on JM Bullion’s main menu will reveal a plethora of silver buying options. The following forms of silver are available through JM Bullion’s site:

Those looking for novelty items in addition to smart investments such as the American Silver Eagle coin should look toward JM Bullion’s niche silver offerings.

Unique silver offerings on JM Bullion include:


APMEX’s site is clean and easy to navigate upon entry. While offering several silver options, the organization of menus helps prospective buyers of silver feel comfortable with the number of options available.

Lets breakdown the silver options APMEX presents potential buyers:

Upon clicking the silver menu option on APMEX’s website, users are not forced to parse through unnecessary amounts of text. Instead, they’ll view a well-organized grid that mostly uses images for advertising its products.


Aside from being a hedge against inflation, fundamental factors such as growing demand and active industrial use make silver an excellent investment.

While buying silver locally from a coin shop can be tempting in terms of convenience, buying silver online is the way to go due to: