How to Buy Gold with Credit Card

buy gold with credit card

Most people purchasing gold with a credit card are aiming to boost their investment portfolio, however, there are several pros and cons to buying gold with a credit card.

While purchasing gold with a credit card to build up your investment portfolio can be lucrative, it’s important to note that the rise and fall trends of gold are speculative. Make sure you don’t purchase so much gold on credit that you can’t recover in case gold prices fall.

If you purchase gold on credit with little to no cash flow, interest rates could stack up, leaving the person at an even more significant loss.

Look toward investing with gold on credit if you’re someone who continually keeps up with the market and speak to a financial advisor to get a second opinion.

Process of Purchasing Gold with a Credit Card

Purchasing gold online with a credit card is similar to the process of most online purchases.

Credit card users can expect to do the following when buying gold:


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GoldSilver is an established precious metals company that accepts most major credit cards for gold purchases and security deposits.

If you plan on using your credit card to purchase gold at GoldSilver, expect to have the full amount of the purchase cost charged to your credit card so that the amount bought is secure in the market.

Upon cancellation of a credit card purchase at GoldSilver, the person would receive a charge for market loss fees that total a minimum of 5% of the order’s value.

Money Metals

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Money Metals accepts credit card payments and can take credit payments in conjunction with their ‘Monthly Silver and Gold Accumulation Plan.’

Participants in Money Metal’s monthly plan will be asked to select one of four monthly dates to lock their bullion prices. Prices are closed at the end of the New York trade day at 5:15 pm. Price locks will occur on the following day of the selected date if the markets are not operating.

Through the monthly accumulation plan, Money Metals deducts shipping and handling charges from the monthly purchase amount and ships as many coins, etc. as you can with the remaining balance. Leftover balance amounts are credited to next month’s purchase.

You can ship up to three gathered monthly orders at once through the monthly accumulation plan for the price of one shipment.

Pricing of shipments revolves around the following criteria:

Credit card purchases require a 4% processing charge for each purchase.

SD Bullion offers buyers the chance to purchase gold via a credit card. Keep in mind that credit purchases with SD Bullion are not eligible for the 4% cash discount. American Express payments are not accepted at SD Bullion.

Additional documentation may be requested for identity verification. While you can pay with a credit card for orders up to $5,000, SD Bullion recommends bank wire transfers for larger purchases.

If SD Bullion does not receive credit payments, your order can be subject to the following:


BGASC accepts the following credit cards for purchases:

To minimize the risk of fraud, BGASC only accepts credit payments up to $10,000 in value on the phone, and online. Credit purchasers at BGASC can also be requested to show additional forms of identification for verification.

For orders over $5,000, BGASC may require clients to establish a payment history via paper check or bank wire transfers before awarding high credit purchases.

All credit card purchases are required to ship to the card’s verified billing address. Orders are estimated to ship within 1-3 business days

JM Bullion

buy gold with credit card

JM Bullion recognizes that one of the most convenient ways to buy gold online is with a credit card.

By using credit for gold purchases at JM Bullion, users will attain the following perks:

Visa and MasterCard users should look toward JM Bullion. American Express and Discover cards aren’t currently being accepted at JM Bullion due to increased incidents of fraud.

Credit card orders at JM Bullion cannot exceed $5,000. Clearance for credit card payments is usually verified within one business day. Expect a 4% processing fee with your order when using a credit card.

Free shipping on orders over $99 is included with JM Bullion.


buy gold with credit card

APMEX accepts credit card payments for gold orders through the following companies:

Part of the reasoning some gold supplying companies such as APMEX provide credit card payment is their wish to understand the process of buying gold with credit.

Benefits of buying gold with credit can include the following perks:

The process of buying gold with a credit card is layered. Companies such as American Express and Discover have higher processing fees and increased risk of fraud.


If you have the cash to cover your credit advances that are used to purchase gold, then you may end up with more profit than you originally planned.

One of the main perks of buying gold with a credit card is the increased speed of the buying process.

Using a credit card to buy gold can lead to certain restrictions that include:

Buying gold with a credit card could be a smart way to get you closer to meeting that minimum requirement to receive a signup bonus with your new credit card. Be sure to access the processing fees to make sure they don’t cancel out the benefits you’ll earn in points.

Try to see whether or not the gold supplier you’re buying from is verified by the credit card company you plan on using.