How & Where to Buy American Gold Eagles

buy american gold eagles

People invest in gold intending to hedge their gold assets against negative economic trends. More specifically, Americans who invest in gold are hedging against the decline of the U.S. dollar.

As the American or other forms of paper currency decline in value, inflation, and higher import prices take effect, which leads to Americans losing money through dollar-based investments. Gold is a universal defense against inflation.

    • Wide range of bullion, gold coins and collectibles
    • Transparent pricing
    • Ethical business philosophy
  • Money Metals
    • Also has a wide variety of silver, platinum and palladium bullion/coins
    • Also offers ability for precious metals IRA

Sites with American Gold Eagles for Sale


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GoldSilver is a world-leading website for helping people invest in precious metals. Founded by Mike Maloney, GoldSilver works to educate users on costly metal investments while providing excellent service to potential buyers.

Buyers can purchase these coins by the following options:

GoldSilver Gold Eagle Weight Classes

While the standard American Eagle Gold coin has 1 oz of gold, you can also purchase fractional weights on GoldSilver.

Fractional weights include:

GoldSilver Shipping Info

If you add a one-ounce American Gold Eagle coin to your shopping cart on GoldSilver, the site lists the estimated shipping time at 2-4 business days.

Shipping partners of GoldSilver within the U.S. include USPS, UPS, and FedEx. If you’re looking to put in for an international shipment on GoldSilver, you’ll be going through FedEx.

This page on GoldSilver’s website gives users in countries outside the U.S. a multitude of options to where they can have their gold shipped.

The U.S. shipping and handling insurance and fees are free with orders over $499 on GoldSilver. Orders under $499 will receive a $25 flat-rate shipping fee.

International shipping charges depend on weight and destination.


buy gold eagles

APMEX’s motto is “investments you can hold.” For all its content, APMEX’s website is very well organized, as the site has an entire tab of rare coin offerings. Additional gold coin offerings include:

Don’t worry about buying fake coins through APMEX as they receive all of their Gold Eagle coins directly from the U.S. Mint.

The 2019 offerings of one-ounce American Gold Eagle coins are $1550.29. The American Gold Eagle coins on APMEX were minted at West Point, New York, and are eligible for precious metal IRAs.

When looking to sell your American Gold Eagle coins, APMEX has a purchasing team through the number listed on their website.


APMEX gives users free shipping on orders over $99 and has a vast list of international countries that they deliver. Look for your country here. Customers have seven days from the date they receive their gold to file for a return if needed.

FedEx or UPS Worldwide will ship your package.

Regal Assets

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Regal Assets sits as the number one rated precious metals company by consumers. While Regal Assets is applauded for its high-quality customer service and organized website, you’ll find a more refined selection of gold coins.

If you’re looking for American Gold Eagle coins on Regal Assets, they’ve got you covered. Potential investors can also browse the following popular gold coins in Regal Asset’s directory:

Here you’ll find Regal Asset’s live pricing charts on the following precious metals:

Similar to APMEX, Regal Assets gives users the ability to add gold coin purchases to their IRA accounts.

Pricing information for Regal Assets is available to users who create accounts and fill out inquiry forms for the products they’re looking to buy. Expect someone from Regal Assets to get in touch with you right away as they’re known for their superior customer service.


buy gold eagles

Upon clicking the American Gold Eagle section on SchiffGold’s website, the website’s founder, Peter Schiff, is quoted saying the following:

This is the only kind of money the U.S. Government should be minting. Unlike the dollar, the Gold Eagle is still respected and accepted around the world.

Well said, Peter, well said.

SchiffGold offers the following American Eagle Gold coin denominations:

Due to the smaller size of SchiffGold, associates at the company can purchase coins at the steepest discounts which save customers money.

If you’re looking to buy from SchiffGold, you will not be able to purchase online. Not offering products online helps SchiffGold make prices more transparent for customers.

Coins offered through SchiffGold include the following:

Gold as a Valuable Material

Some people hold gold with the belief that declining resources will drive up the value of these types of precious metals. The common sense of familiarity that gold carries allows users to utilize the material in a variety of ways that go beyond the material’s pure aesthetics.

Silver vs. Gold Eagles

The United States Mint recently celebrated its 30-year mark of producing Gold and Silver Eagle coins in 2016. The sale of both Gold and Silver Eagles shifted during the housing market collapse in 2008.

Between 1986-2007, 13,997,000 ounces of gold and silver eagles were sold compared to a sale mark of 6,655,000 ounces between 2008-2014.

Economy Impact on Silver & Gold

When the United States economy was on the brink of collapse during the housing crisis, the U.S. Mint sold about 950,714 ounces of Gold Eagles compared to 636 ounces of Gold Eagles a year before 2008.

Investors additionally purchased five times more Silver Eagles a year after the massive U.S. economic collapse in 2008 than they did from the years 1986-2007.

The total number of Gold Eagle sales were higher than Silver Eagles during the 1986-2007 measured period, while between 2008-2014, Silver Eagles held a significant edge over their gold counterpart.

The total value of Gold and Silver Eagles under the U.S. treasury is $35 billion. $8 billion of that $35 billion is measured in Silver Eagles, while the rest are Gold Eagles.

As the value of the United States dollar decreases, those who own Silver Eagles will outperform those who hold Gold Eagles.

The sales of Silver Eagles are continuing to grow.

Where to Sell American Gold Eagles

There are sites that outline all the places you can locally sell your Gold Eagles.

Before going into your selected shop, make sure you do the following:

Avoid going to pawn shops. You’ll get the worst deal possible compared to vetting multiple brick and mortar coin shops.

One ounce American Gold Eagle coins have a face value of $50 and come in units of 10 one-ounce coins.

General Weight of Gold Eagles

The overall weight of 1oz Gold Eagles is 33.931 grams. The diameter of these coins is 32.7 mm, while the thickness is 2.87 mm.

Where to Check the Price of Gold

With advances in internet technology, checking the current price of gold is easier than ever!

There are many established websites such as Gold Price that offer users live interactive charts reflecting both current and past gold prices.

As of October 21st, 2019, the total price of gold has risen 392% in the last 20 years.

What Are American Buffalo Coins

American Buffalo coins are made out of gold and are limited edition products distributed by the U.S. Mint.

Based on Type 1 Buffalo Nickels, American Buffalo coins are the first 24-karat gold proof coin made by the U.S. Mint.

If you’re looking to purchase an American Buffalo coin from the U.S. Mint, expect to get a certificate of authenticity in addition to an elegant hardwood box for your bullion.

James Earle Fraser, a student of the iconic sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, designed American Buffalo coins. Buffalo coin design went off the grid until its comeback in 2001 with the release of the American Buffalo Commemorative coin.

The point of American Buffalo coins is to reflect the native beauty of the American West.

One American Buffalo Gold coin that weighs one ounce is $1860 through the U.S. Mint Website.

American Gold Eagles vs. Kruggerands vs. Maple leafs

The Canadian Government issues Gold Maple Leaf coins while Kruggerands are South African Government-issued gold coins.

Gold Krugerrands were initially minted in 1967 so that South African citizens could own gold. One side of the coin features former South African President Paul Kruger. The other side of the coin reflects a picture of an antelope with the coin’s minted year and weight printed.

Around 1979, the Krugerrand was not widely available due to an economic boycott in South Africa.

The antelope of Springbok is the national symbol of South Africa. Over 91% of the Krugerrand is gold, while the rest of the coin is copper.

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins are issued annually by the Canadian Government and manufactured by the Royal Canadian Mint. Over 25,000 gold Krugerrands are minted annually.

One side of the Canadian Maple Leaf coin features Queen Elizabeth II while the other side features the Canadian Maple Leaf.

Maple Leaf coins came out in 1979. During this time, the only bullion coin was the South African Krugerrand.

Similar to American Gold Eagles, since Krugerrands and Maple Leaf coins are gold, these coins can act as a solid core for an investment portfolio.

Where to Buy Krugerrands & Maple Leafs

If you’re looking to buy Gold Krugerrand or Maple Leaf coins in the United States, there are plenty of internet and brick-and-mortar options.

Provident Metals is a site that offers excellent service for those looking to purchase both Krugerrand and Maple Leaf coins.


Most sources recommend you buy gold to diversify your portfolio rather than purchasing gold to make yourself wealthy off that single investment. Gold can act as the core of a robust investment portfolio as it acts as a hedge against inflation.

Gold coins offer people opportunities to invest their money into unique, historical items that are tangible and universally accepted.