How to Buy 10oz Gold Bars

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Economic factors such as inflation can affect your investment portfolio. Investing in gold helps mitigate financial pressures as gold serves to hedge investors against inflationary periods. If you’re looking to invest in gold, try to make your investment during a time when inflation is rising.

There are several ways in which you can invest in gold. This article will serve to educate readers on the dealers that offer investors the opportunity to invest in physical gold, and more specifically gold bars.


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Mike Maloney founded GoldSilver in 2005. Mike Maloney is an accredited precious metals advisor who has written bestselling books and regularly provides speeches on the subject of gold.

Goldsilver’s Mission

The mission of GoldSilver is to put increased levels of profits into research to help educate investors interested in purchasing metals such as physical gold.

Investors looking to work with can expect the following from the website:

The previous list contributes to the overall goal of establishing trust with clients through their emphasis on business ethics.

GoldSilver has Easy to understand charts

The people at understand that not everyone is an investment expert. Through GoldSilver’s website, users can utilize interactive, easy to understand charts that are consistently updated to reflect current gold status.

GoldSilver wants you to succeed

Don’t expect to be rushed through your gold buying process. Staff at GoldSilver provide an outline on their website that advises investors to go through the following procedure:

GoldSilver fees

Shipping to the U.S. with purchases over $499 is free, with shipping to storage facilities included as well. Orders under $499 in the U.S. will consist of a $25 flat rate shipping fee that includes insurance and handling prices.

GoldSilver has a webpage that allows potential international buyers to calculate shipping costs.


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GoldBroker is a privately financed company that utilizes advances in internet technology with back-to-basic forms of investment strategies that help gold investors reach their highest potential.

The combination of these two philosophies lead to the following perks for investors:

Staff members at GoldBroker are not directly connected to your physical assets as they recognize the importance of vault personnel for asset movement and storage and overall safety.

Investors who work through can expect to receive the following:

Intermediation risks virtually eliminated through GoldBroker’s philosophy. Investing the old-school way through GoldBroker will give investors better peace of mind knowing that their investments won’t be touched.

GoldBroker Fees

The minimum amount for an order is $10,000. You can sell back gold that’s in storage units at a selling commission rate of 1% with a minimum of $75.

Storage fees through are $125 a year if the amount stored is under $20,000.

Vault visits are $200, personal pickups are $200, and photos are supplied at $10 per unit.


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APMEX uses a hassle-free online ordering system to supply potential gold investors with the lowest prices. The types of people who buy from APMEX include the following:

If you’re looking to trade-in some gold, APMEX is always looking for new inventory. There are over 10,000 products listed on the APMEX website.

Scott Thomas is the founder of APMEX. It’s worth noting that Apmex is the world’s largest online retailer of precious metals.

The company was founded in 1999 and with headquarters in Oklahoma City. APMEX reached its first $1 billion sales mark in 2010.


All orders $99 and above receive free domestic shipping. Orders under $99 will incur a $9.95 shipping charge. There is no minimum on domestic order purchases.

International orders require a $250 minimum through the use of credit card, bitcoin, or bitcoin cash. There is a $1500 minimum for international wire-transfer purchases.

It doesn’t cost anything to open an APMEX account. Users will be able to achieve the following by opening an account:

If you’re looking to trade-in some gold, APMEX is always looking for new inventory.


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SchiffGold was founded in 2013 by Peter Schiff. The company was founded in Manhattan and resides on Madison Avenue today.

SchiffGold Investment Philosophy

Associates at SchiffGold see gold as the only honest and accountable form of money due to debased and continually fluctuating paper currency.

Owning gold through SchiffGold is seen as the ultimate insurance policy as owning gold isn’t subject to confiscation, registration, or unwarranted meddling by government authorities.

Similar to GoldSilver, SchiffGold offers live charts that track the value of gold.

Schiffgold Services

After purchasing your gold, SchiffGold agrees that the next step is to store the gold safely. To achieve safe storing of gold with SchiffGold, you can do the following:

Bitcoin is a valid form of currency at SchiffGold.

Since SchiffGold is not a brick-and-mortar gold dealer that conducts its sales via phone and mail, the company is not required to charge sales tax. This non-sales tax requirement differs from many of SchiffGold’s competitors, so look to SchiffGold for some potential savings.

Regal Assets

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Regal Assets has received the highest rated profile in the metal industry for nine years in a row.


Tyler Gallagher founded Regal Assets as a young investor and entrepreneur. Operations of Regal Assets started with a small investment and a broad assets vision that includes the following:

This vision came out of the frustration the gold industry was facing that included massive bureaucracy and unnecessary hurdles that complicated the gold buying process for investors.


If you’re looking to use gold to invest in or outside of your retirement or investment accounts, Regal Assets is here to help by putting clients first. Potential clients will help in a non-pushy and informative manner before any purchases.

Fees & storage

Worldwide storage options exist through Regal Assets. Investors who use Regal Assets can expect the following when storing their investments.

This page on Regal Asset’s website offers a comprehensive chart that details different levels of fees for what you’re looking to invest in.


Make sure to research buying gold bars from a variety of brokers to get the best deal up-front so you can increase the sale value. The point of purchasing gold is to help balance out your long-term investment portfolio while protecting yourself against economic turns.

All of the websites mentioned in this article have specific tabs on their website for buying gold bars that list prices for each size of gold bar offered.

Think of gold as the core of your investment portfolio.