Best Bitcoin Merchandise and Where to Buy It

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So you’ve bought yourself some Bitcoin using one of the many methods outlined in our handy guide and now you want to show off that you’ve just joined the crypto club.

Luckily, there is a wide range of great Bitcoin merchandise out there.

From Bitcoin tshirts and hoodies to live LED price tickers and wall art and endlessly-customizable mug to even a Genesis Block Chalkboard Sherpa Blanket.

Let’s take a look at some of the Bitcoin merchandise available for those who want to convert some profits to physical goods, or show off to everyone the fact that they’ve invested in the future of money.

Bitcoin Apparel

Hopefully your bags haven’t gotten so heavy that you need a reminder not to sell every time you look in the mirror, but if so Cryptees has got you covered with their Just Hodl It shirt.

Bitcoin-Gear has a great range of shirts, with niche references from things like the Bitcoin Genesis Block, to things we can all agree on, like the never-ending cycle of fiat money printing.

A lot of the Bitcoin t-shirt designs above are also available as large paintings on canvas, perfect if you like one so much that you want to give it a permanent home on your wall.

More Bitcoin Gear

You can pick up a USB Bitcoin miner to (potentially) generate yourself some income on the side (though I wouldn’t hold my breathe).

Or if constant anxiety is more your thing, why not try the Bitcoin Price Ticker v2. This LED screen - described as “red and very bright” by its creators - is perfect for keeping you up at night, whether you’re celebrating or mourning your holdlings.

Physical Bitcoins

Denarium - a Finnish company - sells physical Bitcoins.


The above example is plated with 18-carat gold, and can be loaded with up to 2 BTC at checkout. The private key is printed as a hologram on the coin’s reverse side, as well as an easily-scannable QR code.

You can also buy a physical coin made of 1/2oz of gold, giving the coin two sources of value.

Hardware Wallets - The Best Bitcoin Accessory?

Another great piece of Bitcoin gear - that does more than just look cool - is a hardware wallet.

While not quite as flashy as a cool Bitcoin t-shirt, you’ll feel safe in the knowledge that your Bitcoin is securely stored on a high-tech chip that no-one but you can access (as long as you remember your recovery phrase).

There are also some lower-tech (but no less secure) methods of storing your recovery phrase, which when used together with a hardware wallet can be a very safe method of storing your Bitcoin. Steel wallets, such as Billfodl, secure your seed phrase in hardened steel, impervious to fire and flood.

Priority #1 is ensuring your BTC is safe using a hardware wallet or some other kind, then come the t-shirts, apparel, and gear.