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How to Buy Bcash

Bcash (sometimes referred to as Bitcoin Cash) is a fork of Bitcoin. It uses scammy branding to confuse new users and many end up buying Bcash instead of Bitcoin. Still, Bcash is one of the largest cryptocurrencies so many people want to buy it, and this post will help you.

Note that despite Bcash being advertised as “Bitcoin Cash”, it’s not Bitcoin or even related to it.

Buy Bcash with Credit Card or Debit Card



Unfortunately, right now, there is no easy way to buy Bcash with a credit card anywhere in the world.

You will first have to buy BTC with your credit card.

Coinbase is the easiest way to buy bitcoin with a credit card in the USA (with USD), Europe, Australia and Singapore.

Once you have the bitcoins you can use Binance to convert your bitcoins to Bcash in about 10 minutes.


If Coinbase does not work for you, CoinMama allows you to buy bitcoins with credit card from nearly any country. Once you get the bitcoins convert them to Bcash using Binance.

Buy Bcash with Bank Account

Again, if you live in the USA, Europe, Singapore or Australia then you must first buy bitcoins with your bank account using Coinbase or a similar service. Once you get the bitcoins from Coinbase you can use Binance to convert the bitcoins to Bcash.

If you live in any other country then you can use our home page to find a Bitcoin exchange in your country that accepts bank transfer. Then once you buy bitcoins you can convert them to Bcash within 10 minutes.

Buy Bcash with PayPal

There is no way to directly buy Bcash with PayPal. You will have to first buy bitcoin with PayPal and then convert the bitcoins to Bcash using a service like Binance.

Buy Bcash with Cash

There is no way to directly purchase Bcash with cash. Not even any ATMs support buying Bcash.

You will first have to buy bitcoins with cash and then convert the BTC to Bcash using a service like Changelly.

Buy Bcash with Bitcoin

You can use Binance to easily exchange bitcoins for Bcash.

Buy Bcash with Skrill

BitPanda allows Europeans to buy bitcoins with Skrill. Once you buy bitcoins on Bitpanda you can use Binance to exchange them for Bcash (Bcash).

Buy Bcash with Ethereum

You can use Binance to easily exchange Ethereum for Bcash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Bcash gaining so much popularity?

Bcash uses the Bitcoin logo and tries to pass itself as “Bitcoin Cash”. This is scammy branding and only confuses new users, which is why we refer to it as Bcash.

Bcash Price

Bcash is currently the #3 currency on Coin Market Cap at about $1500 per piece.

Why is there no direct way to buy Bcash (Bcash) in many cases?

Bcash is still new and less than a few months old. It is supported by many high volume exchanges, but most of the consumer facing brokerages don’t support buying it.

Can anyone buy Bcash?

Yes, if you can buy crypto in your country you will be able to convert to Bcash using one of the methods listed above.